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Our newsletter is written on a calendar-month basis completely by the Community Department at PAVE.

They include the most up-to-date information on events, promotions, and employee daily workings.

Be sure to read through to learn more about PAVE!

November P.A.V.E. Newsletter

December P.A.V.E. Newsletter

September & October P.A.V.E. Newsletter

January P.A.V.E. Newsletter

February P.A.V.E. Newsletter

March P.A.V.E. Newsletter

April P.A.V.E. Newsletter

Here's our take on World Updates to keep you informed on the three areas we assist students with. Check these documents, done by our Community Department, filled with information that may help you cross the finish line!


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses, governments, and people. Dealing with the spreading virus is an ongoing challenge for all, but PAVE continually strives to make a difference in mitigating the spread. Watch the video below and make sure to follow all rules and regulations in doing your part!