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PAVE primarily provides educational video content to help students embark on their professional trajectory. With peer-to-peer learning and featuring admission officials, professionals, and alumni, we cater to individuals to assist them in college and career readiness. Videos are filmed and created by PAVE employees in a wide array of topics: 

The College Application Course bridges you from high school to your dream college. Alleviating a stressful process, we take you through each step necessary to ensure a successful application. 

The Financial Literacy Course paves your way to own your economic success. Our video topics range from making simple investments, budging, and understanding tax applications. 

The Career Success course prepares you to excel in the workforce. Refine your soft and hard skills, resume building, and interview tips to embark on career readiness.

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Disclaimer: This Virtual Enterprise online store is for educational purposes only. (2020-2021 P.A.V.E.)

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